Friday, December 21, 2007

St Anton Downhill

Today was a great day for shooting, the sun was high over St Anton, and the girls were skiing great, Chemmy went off first, but still I managed to get a great shot of her. Lindsey Vonn won the event, with Kelly Vanderbeek 2nd and Julia Mancuso 3rd, a great day for the USA and Canada not so hot for the Austrians, Chemmy came in 16th not a bad result for us (GB) I think, but I am sure she will not be satisfied, and that is what will make her a winner eventually.Tomorrow we have the Super Combined event, a Downhill race followed by a slalom. Back off to edit more pictures now
Catch ya later
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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Back in Austria

I am now back in Austria, and have moved into my new apartment.
Italy was great and I managed to get a few realy good photos, I have only added a couple to my website as I have been mega busy, but if you take a look and tell me what you think I would be grateful, I am also lucky enough to have met Kalle Palander possibly the best skier in the world at the moment, and have some of my photos on his site
Today has been a runaround day, getting the new apartment stocked, sorting out bank accounts and most importantly internet in the house!!! none of this wait a week stuff that you get in the UK, within 5 minutes of leaving the shop I was online at home with wireless broadband, how great is that? Of course that means I am now a slave to technology once more!!
Tomorrow will see me shooting the training run of the womens World Cup downhill event that lucky for me is being held in St Anton, I met Chemmy Alcott today, our big hope of getting a podium at some stage, and she is even more beautiful in real life than in the pictures I have seen of her. Makes me wish I was just 20 years younger though seeing all these gorgeous girls in Lycra.... Maybe one of them will being going through the I want a fat bald old man stage of life!!
Off now catch you again soon