Friday, December 21, 2007

St Anton Downhill

Today was a great day for shooting, the sun was high over St Anton, and the girls were skiing great, Chemmy went off first, but still I managed to get a great shot of her. Lindsey Vonn won the event, with Kelly Vanderbeek 2nd and Julia Mancuso 3rd, a great day for the USA and Canada not so hot for the Austrians, Chemmy came in 16th not a bad result for us (GB) I think, but I am sure she will not be satisfied, and that is what will make her a winner eventually.Tomorrow we have the Super Combined event, a Downhill race followed by a slalom. Back off to edit more pictures now
Catch ya later
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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Back in Austria

I am now back in Austria, and have moved into my new apartment.
Italy was great and I managed to get a few realy good photos, I have only added a couple to my website as I have been mega busy, but if you take a look and tell me what you think I would be grateful, I am also lucky enough to have met Kalle Palander possibly the best skier in the world at the moment, and have some of my photos on his site
Today has been a runaround day, getting the new apartment stocked, sorting out bank accounts and most importantly internet in the house!!! none of this wait a week stuff that you get in the UK, within 5 minutes of leaving the shop I was online at home with wireless broadband, how great is that? Of course that means I am now a slave to technology once more!!
Tomorrow will see me shooting the training run of the womens World Cup downhill event that lucky for me is being held in St Anton, I met Chemmy Alcott today, our big hope of getting a podium at some stage, and she is even more beautiful in real life than in the pictures I have seen of her. Makes me wish I was just 20 years younger though seeing all these gorgeous girls in Lycra.... Maybe one of them will being going through the I want a fat bald old man stage of life!!
Off now catch you again soon


Monday, December 10, 2007

Bad Klienkircheim event

I have now finished shooting and editing the photos from the weekends FIS Ski world cup event, the course was very challenging for the guys competing, with quite a few crashing out. I was lucky enough to manage to get some good photos including one of the Finnish skier Kalle Palander going flying. this can be viewed on his site

I was staying in the same hotel as the Finnish, British and Bulgarian teams during the event and its nice actually getting to know some of the guys I am photographing on the hill. I have arranged to shoot the British team during training and also get some publicity type shots. Then I am off to Italy for a week (it's a hard life)

Catch ya soon


Thursday, December 6, 2007

This Weekend

This weekend will see me shooting the mens alpine ski races in Austria, I have just walked the course and sooooooooo glad I am only a snapper and not a skier! its a bit steep for me, so glad I had crampons on. At the moment there is hardly any snow here but typical of the Austrian organisational skills the runs are perfect. Apparently it will dump down tomorrow. The resort is still quiet at the mo, a few teams arriving. I am in the same hotel as the Brits (convenient) and the Finns. The way Kalle Palander is skiing I can see a winners beer or two being consumed here!

Monday, December 3, 2007

Greetings from St Anton

I have now found an apartment to use as a base, its in Sankt Anton am Arlberg (Austria) This week see me heading for the FIS World cup event in Bad Klienkircham. To shoot men in Lycra going fast down a hill!! I am thinking to make up for that, in the summer I should shoot womens beach volleyball!!!

I have updated my website to make it more appealing, as I have newspaper sports editors looking. (had to put watermarks on photos though so they do not pinch them :-) )

Off now to test the St Anton powder (snow for you uneducated)


Sunday, November 18, 2007

Planning for the season

I am back home in Wiltshire for a bit, will be driving back to Austria in about 10 days. the ski tour is off to Canada and the USA, and unless some nice newspaper / magazine etc wishes to pay for me! I will have to wait for the tour to return to Europe.

I am hoping Getty Images accept me so i can start selling photos through them, which will mean getting snaps processed quickly up the hill and sent to them for adding to news websites like BBC Sky etc.

Not a lot else happening just now, simply relaxing before the next shoot.


Saturday, November 10, 2007

Mitch the Snowman

Well today has been fun so far, its not stopped snowing all day. I was sitting on a mountain watching gorgeous women in lycra, thinking to myself not a bad life really! Todays pics are not the greatest but it was more of a training session for me as the Brit boys ski tomorrow and I hope to get some great action shots of them.
Check out my site later tonight to see the latest snaps


Friday, November 9, 2007

My first BLOG

Ohh I feel so Chav, I now have a blog and a facebook, whatever next?

Well for those of you that know me, you will probably have guessed by now that as my sister call it "I am having a mid-life crisis" I prefer the term "Chasing a dream"
I decided to quit my mundane life of being head guard dog for a certain Embassy in London and try out life as a pro sports photographer.... Alas not being a big footie fan I decided to follow winter sports, something you know I love. Besides the logic was if it didnt work at least I would enjoy myself.

The whole process of qualifying for a press pass, getting accreditation, (official permission to photograph basically) was not easy, and as you know I HATE paperwork, but I have put my heart into this decision and having gained a season long acrreditation with the Skiing federation, I can now see a light at the end of the tunnel. As I write this I am about to start my 2nd Alpine World Cup event. I have added some photo's to my website, but please remember these have been down-scaled (my new word) for web viewing.
Oh and just to make you lot laugh, I managed to faceplant (fall over face first into the snow) with the entire German Austrian Bulgarian and Italian womens ski team watching and cheering, not a bad way of getting myt face (or bald head known)

Well I am off for some free beer and nice food before I crash out for the night in my little campervan.